This assignment had a rather large and challenging criteria.  However, through the use of my textbook and attending the weekly workshop I have developed a greater understanding of the digital world, digital fluency and the digital divide.  While creating my written, auditory and visual parts of my website I developed my digital skills by using different online technologies.  I had to use online programs I had never used before and go out of my comfort zone to help make my website engaging and creative.  Creating my written component was easy as I did not have to use another online program. However, I did have to try and make my web page interesting using hyperlinks, images and videos.  I used Prezi for my visual section; this was rather easy to use. Unfortunately, it was very time consuming trying to create and find a background as well as trying to make my presentation look decent and interesting.  For my audio component, I tried to be unique when creating this.  However, I could not find a decent website or app that allowed me to create an avatar for over 2 minutes that did not cost anything, this lead for me to just record my voice using Audacity.

Using different apps and onlin

Figure 1

e programs to create my website as well as my audio, visual and written components allowed me to use the digital world in my assignment.  I was able to incorporate different apps and websites to help me gain a greater understanding of everything I have learnt throughout this whole task.  This assignment has helped me understand that I am digitally fluent, therefore, as a teacher, I can “help bridge the digital divide so that students can acquire the technological skills they will need to be successful as adults” (Thomson, 2015).



Reference List: 

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